Program Description: In an effort to recruit qualified workers to work, GURUS INFOTECH INC., has implemented an employee referral program with incentives.  This program is to encourage the company employees to refer potential applicants to apply for position openings at GURUS INFOTECH INC. If you know any individual may qualify for the position below, please ask the individual to send the resume to the company and indicate on the resume the job code and the name the company employee who made such referral.

Notice To All Employees: If an advertised position opening is filled as a result of the direct referral from a company employee, the company employee who referred the applicant will receive a cash bonus of $1,000.00.  This program is eligible to any GURUS INFOTECH INC., employee, whether full-time or part time.  This program does not apply to independent contractors of GURUS INFOTECH INC.  Moreover, GURUS INFOTECH INC., will limit the cash award to only ONE employee who referred the applicant to apply the position with GURUS INFOTECH INC.  Prior to accepting the bonus, the employee and the newly hired applicant both must sign a sworn statement to verify the veracity of this referral.  Both employees understand that the penalty for misrepresenting to GURUS INFOTECH INC., in the employee referral program is a valid ground for immediate termination, and the employee who received cash award from GURUS INFOTECH INC., must return the cash award to GURUS INFOTECH INC., immediately.

GURUS INFOTECH INC., hereby advises all employees that the employee referral program may not apply to all positions available at GURUS INFOTECH INC. GURUS INFOTECH INC., has many other recruitment methods, including the employee referral program, in its disposal to recruit qualified workers. GURUS INFOTECH INC., will exercise its discretion to select whichever method it believes to be more appropriate for the position recruitment. This employee referral program may subject to changes or termination without notice.

Current Openings:

BI Developer (Current)

Software Developer, Applications (DevOps – Current)

Software Developer, Applications (Current)

Message from CEO

I, Babitha Sukhavasi, hereby certify that the current openings notice is posted at the company location from January 14, 2020 to February 14, 2020.  The posting notice was posted in a conspicuous place where company employees could easily read. Said notice was also posted in the company’s website for at least 30 days from January 14, 2020 to February 14, 2020. Said notice was emailed to all company employees on January 14, 2020.

Babitha Sukhavasi, CEO